What Are The Common Causes Of Carpet Water Damage?

What Are The Common Causes Of Carpet Water Damage

Carpets can be damaged due to many reasons. The worst kind of damage that every homeowner faces is carpet water damage. Water damage to the carpet brings along several problems. Apart from that cleaning, the wet carpet is a hugely difficult task.

So, water damage to carpets is never a good experience. There are a number of reasons for carpet water damage. And leaving them untreated for a long time can increase your problems. Wet carpets can cause the growth of moulds, which leads to allergies.

It also emits a foul, musty odour that becomes uncontrollable after some time. Here, in this blog, we will be discussing the common reasons and causes of carpet water damage. Scroll down to know about the cause of carpet water damage.

What causes water damage on carpets:

  1. Rainfall/Snow- Rainfall is the most common cause of water damage. If it is raining outside and your window and ceiling are leaking, then look out for water damage to your carpets. Even cracks and holes in your windows can lead the rain towards the carpet and they are likely to get wet. Coming to snow, when there is a snowfall, some snow particles may enter your house and melt onto the carpet leaving it moist and wet. Thus, snow and rain are the major reasons for water damage to your carpets.
  2. Pipe leakage- Improper drainage and leaky pipes can accuse a huge amount of water damage. This also includes overflowing drainage, plumbing pipes that are in improper condition, and clogged pipes. The kind of water damage caused by this pipe and drainage leak is the worst as it makes your house dirty and stinky. 
  3. Various appliances- There are various appliances that use water which can be a cause of water damage to your carpets. Such appliances include refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners. Water damage can occur by overflowing of washing machines and dishwashers or by leakage of pipes in air conditioners and refrigerators. 
  4. Gutters- Overflowing gutters can be a reason for water damage. So, you need to be aware of overflowing, cracked, or damaged gutters. In some cases, there can also be flooding of water that may cause water damage to a great extent.
  5. Flat roofs- Usually, in the rainy season, the rainwater tends to pool on the roof. Flat roofs do not provide a way for water to flow away. That is why water gets collected onto the floor and it seeps down through the layers of the ceiling. This will cause the standing water to drip from the roof, making your carpets prone to water damage. 

Lack of heat- If there is a lack of insulation and heat in your house; the walls, windows, and doors can get very cold in winters and lead to condensation. Condensation starts compressing on the glass and makes the surfaces such as carpets and floors moist and wet that can also lead to water damage.

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